BioDynamics has successfully collaborated with medical professionals on concepts and the design of its implants.  As these medical devices progress through the development stages and approach the point of being commercially available, joint ventures are created as vehicles for attracting investors and establishing business entities to launch and market the products.  Listed below are two newly formed joint ventures that are currently candidates for third party funding.


Z & R Medical, LLC

Z & R Medical (Z & R) is a joint venture between Peter A. Zahos, MD and BioDynamics, LLC.  Dr. Zahos is a prominent neurosurgeon currently with Meridian Neuroscience at Riverview Medical Center and previously the chairman of neurosurgery at Cleveland Clinic Florida.

The Z & R team has developed and initially tested novel bone harvest and cranial fixation technologies for use in craniotomies.  The goal of these technologies is to create a procedure where the patient’s own bone when harvested and combined with newly designed cranial closure implants produces superior clinical outcomes compared with current fixation systems.  Z & R projects it will become a major player in the craniotomy closure market five years after launch with sales in excess of $50 million.

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MBD Medical, LLC
MBD Medical, LLC (MBD) is a joint venture between Thomas D. Meade, MD and BioDynamics, LLC.  Dr. Meade is a prominent orthopedic surgeon with more than 20 years of experience in the surgical treatment of displaced clavicle fractures.

MBD’s goal is to market its innovative and vastly improved plate and screw system for the surgical repair of displaced clavicles resulting in superior clinical outcomes compared to competition and traditional non-operative therapy.  The concept for the system originated with Dr. Meade and the final design was the product of the BioDynamics engineering team.  MBD expects it will capture a major share of the relevant market, and within five years its sales are projected to exceed $100 million.

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