We believe in combining the expertise of medical professionals with the talents of medical design engineers to produce truly innovative solutions.  BioDynamics offers comprehensive product design capabilities combined with sophisticated finite element analysis (FEA), in-house rapid prototyping and laser scanning.  Together we can make your concept a reality.

BioDynamics has two projects that are significantly advanced and currently available for acquisition, license or joint development.

  • A Self-Contouring Plate Fixation System believed to be the first self-contouring bone plate and screw system that aids in the repair of displaced clavicle fractures and other potential indications.  These products were designed to compete in the $4.0 billion market for internal fixation devices and are covered by a series of recently published patent applications in the United States and Internationally.   A 510(k) application is underway, and market launch is possible within twelve months.


  • A Craniotomy Closure System that utilizes non-metallic fixation devices and a bone harvesting technology that allows for the use of a patient’s own autologous tissue to improve bone fusion between the bone flap and the skull.  This technology is positioned to capture a major share of the $300 million cranial closure market.  It is protected by an extensive portfolio of patents including the following . . . . US7,833,253, US8,080,042, US8,083,782, US8,088,151,  EP1849418, and EP2065000.  Also, additional patent applications, filed in the United States and Internationally have recently been published.

    Development of the Craniotomy Closure System is in its final stages, and once the selection of the product portfolio is decided, a 510(k) application can be filed.


In addition to the above, BioDynamics is currently developing and patenting technology in the following areas.

  • Drug Delivery: BioDynamics has a family of intellectual property which covers the use of drugs, biologic substances and even nano-technology which is first contained in bioresorbable carriers and then embedded in cavities in orthopedic implants to provide delivery directly to the surgical site.  This approach can be particularly beneficial in closed cavities or other areas of limited or disrupted circulation such as implant-to-bone interfaces.  It is protected by patents US 6,916,483 and US 7,824,699 and  another recently published patent application.
  • Implantable Mesh:  BioDynamics believes that an entirely new class of implants can be fashioned from composite, mesh-based structures with precisely tailored properties.  Mesh-based implants can exhibit mechanical properties that more closely resemble the native bone, can be either partially or fully resorbable and can be tailored to either encourage or discourage the ingrowth of hard or soft tissue.  Patent applications filed in the US and Internationally were recently published.
  • Surgical Instruments:  BioDynamics has developed technology for a unique instrument handle that is detachable from the shaft of the instrument and can also be rotated and locked in a position other than just in-line with the shaft, resulting in improved leverage, control and ergonomics for the surgeon.  Only a few handles need be in a set with dozens of instrument shafts thereby significantly reducing the size and weight of a set and allowing for more efficient replacement of worn or damaged instruments.  This device is covered by US patent US 7,922,719 and a pair of International published patent applications.
  • Surgical Expansion Fasteners: These implants provide improved screw purchase in poor quality bone and they have the ability to be installed through a plate hole after a screw has stripped.   The expansion fastener could be composed of a bioresorbable material that stimulates bone growth as it dissolves.  This technology is protected by Patent No. US 8,128,670.
  • Adjustable Bone Plates:  BioDynamics has developed a series of bone plates that offer a large range of movement along one or more axes to compress together the fractured ends of a bone to improve healing (fusion) and to provide greater stability across the fracture.  The surgical technique is more straightforward and these plates offer a larger range of motion than typical “compression” plates.  This innovative technology is covered by patents US 7,621,914 and US 7,695,473 and several other published patent applications that were filed in the United States and Internationally.
  • Self-Locking Screws:  BioDynamics has applied for patents on locking bone screw concepts that are unique because they do not require a matched locking plate to function effectively.  This allows the surgeon and the hospital greater flexibility.  The surgeon can use a standard bone plate and simply substitute these locking screws as dictated by conditions in surgery.  This technology is protected by published patent applications that were filed in the United States and Europe.


BioDynamics business is based upon the successful development of proprietary intellectual property.  We understand the importance of limiting disclosure during the creative process and we treat the ideas of our partners no differently than our own, so feel free to contact us if you have an interest in acquiring or jointly developing any of the above products and concepts.